Military Tyres

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Basic specification for the WD16H refered to 19 inch wheels (3,25 x 19 tyres), whereas for the Big4 the specification gave  18 inch wheels (4,00 x 18 tyres).
It is described by Jack Dienst (see "a civilian in uniform") that while in Tunesia, he rebuilt 16H hubs with 18 inch (BIG4) wheel rims. This provided the possibility to apply the trails type BIG4 tyres with more grip and leaving more room for the mud between tyre and mudguards.
Based on a late (1944/45) spareparts list for RAF 16H sidecar combinations were provided with 18" wheels as well. At least one 16H with 18 inch wheels surfaced in Holland in the late 80'ties.

Mostly seen on wartime pictures are the Dunlop Universal tyres, especially the early pictures. On later war pictures, Firestone and Avon become visible. There may very well have been more brands used!

Military tyres were marked with the "broad arrow" as can be seen on the pictures below. Sometimes even a white ink stamping can be seen with an LV6 MT14 code (RAOC? (Royal Army Ordnance Corps) stores code).

I expect the Avon Supreme brand to be post war. The shown Michelin UK is postwar. Who can be more specific? 
Dunlop Universal's, Avon's and Firestone's were made during and after the war.

Tyre pressures as given in military Norton Driver manuals range from 17 to 22 lbs for the front tyre and 20 to 24 lbs for the rear tyre. In the military Norton Maintenance manual it states 16 lbs front and 18 lbs rear. The exact pressures for tyres are therefore hard to give. 
A postwar Dutch civil Norton maintenance manual refers to pressures of 22 lbs front and 26 lbs rear with one person on board and 26 lbs front and 28 lbs rear with two persons on board.   

To top it off, at the bottom are some pictures of what each Norton 16H should have, but seldom does. (Would personally be interested in obtaining one!)

Dunlop Universal

Firestone UK

Firestone USA


Avon Supreme

Michelin UK

Dunlop Universal a1

Firestone England a2.JPG (94691 bytes) Firestone USA Avon 1 Avon Supreme

Michelin UK 3.jpg (30001 bytes)

Dunlop Universal a4 Firestone England Firestone USA c6.JPG (67802 bytes) Avon 3 Avon Supreme 3 Michelin UK 2.jpg (29716 bytes)
Dunlop Universal b1 Firestone England       Michelin UK 1.jpg (34100 bytes)
  Firestone England       Michelin UK 4.jpg (31909 bytes)

Wartime Tyre advertisements
Dunlop advert 23 September 1940 Dunlop June 20 1940 Dunlop tires april 11 1940  


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